Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Colonization... The British write souks, Fez, and Marrakesh. The French write souqs, Fes, and Marrakech.

Anyway... We have spent hot days and nights in hotels and car seats without air conditioning, and strolled through the busy alleys of the medinas of Fez and Marrakesh. We had a lunch break in Rabat, the capital, which is the cleanest city we have seen so far, and by far the one with most police in it.

We decided to spend another night in Marrakesh - partly because we needed some time off the road, and we checked into a hotel with cold air this time. We had a much needed nap - no sweat - and we are walking around in Ville Nouvelle right now - where there is a lot less hustle and no bargaining compared to the old town.

Tomorrow, we plan to drive to Sahara, or at least to the outskirts of the vast desert to see some sand dunes.

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