Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eight wonder of the world

We went on a guided tour to the excavation site of the Terracotta Warriors today. It was quite a sight. Nearby, there is a huge grave, where emperor Qin lies burried. The grave is actually a hill built by humans, with more than 2000 years worth of natural landskaping on it. On the way, we were told that the city walls of Xian are about 30 kilometers long, and you can bicycle on it - the roundtrip takes about 100 minutes. On the way to the main attraction, we visited Bampo village, a 6000 years old excavation site where foundations, mugs, and remains of the villagers where exhibited. We also visited a factory where they make terracotta stuff (such as souvenir warriors) and a silk factory where we could see how silk is prepared from the silk worm cocoon to finished goods.

After returning to the hostel, we went to a cheap restaurant selling scrumptious wheat noodles which we still had a craving for after a good lunch at the silk factory. A simple dinner for two cost about a dollar fifty! This was NOT a tourist place, though :-)

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