Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great Wall of China and Peking Duck

Having a simple and nutritious rice or wheat porridge breakfast with
honey melon and mango on the side at home.
Rented a cab for 700 Y. Met driver at 8. Paid when back home. No
tipping. Got a lesson on taxi fares.
Brought fruit which we bought on the street last night.
Went to Great Wall at Simtai, 120 km out of Beijing by the Jing-Cheng
Freeway. See
Entrance 40 Y, took the quick way down - threw ourselves out of a
cliff James Bond style: by wire.
Left camera in cab, driver called. Remember receipt!
After a quick shower back home, we went to a superb restaurant
(Da Dong Roast Duck restaurant) and had Peking duck and a few other
things. It was great. Finally, we took a walk on Tiananmen Square,
where we bought a wristwatch featuring Mao waving his hand, and some
paper kites, which I tested. A lot of fun :-) We're home again now,
trying to plan the next week...

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