Monday, July 14, 2008


Fog had replaced the blue sky this morning, and it was raining a little bit most of the day. At the start of the day, we thought we'd bet getting on a train to Xian tonight - that's where the terracotta warriors are. However, there was no train route allowing our planned stops, so we decided on taking a plane instead. We're not going to Tibet, since it takes at least a week to get all the formalities in order... Unfortunately, the Chinese embassy in Norway didn't anwer our question about what we should have done in advance. Oh well...

After eating some hot donkey for lunch, we went to a local travel agent and bought tickets for a flight to Xian for the next morning. The price was alright, until they added their fees to the total. Fine. Then, we requested the total price of tickets from Xian to Hong Kong. The guy asked who the tickets was for (!!) and gave us a price of 2400 Yuan, which was OK for the both of us. When he booked the tickets, though, it turned out that this was the price for one person, so he claimed that we owed him 4800 RMB (same currency, just a different name). We didn't want those tickets, but they had been booked, and I didn't even want to pay for cancelling tickets I hadn't ordered, and the fight had started. After about an hour, and both me and the agent threatening with police, Astrid pushed for just paying the 100 Yuan fee (about $16) and get going, which we did, and then everyone was friends and none of us had actually called the police, and it was all a big misunderstanding. Smile!

Finally, we checked out the Chinese Hooters, Anders had his hot breaded chicken wings, and then we could go shopping. On the way home, the weather got a little more nasty, so I biked home in shorts and socks.

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