Friday, July 11, 2008

It's my birthday

The pollution really isn't that bad for the moment - better than
expected, at least. The line of sight was very limited, though, due to
high humidity and little wind. After unloading our bags at our friend
Liv's apartment, we bought a couple of cheap bicycles yesterday,
complete with bells, locks, and baskets. [I should make some comments
on how brakes work] My bike is orange and very small for me, and
Astrid's bike is pink. We also bought a musical instrument: 古筝
"guzheng". It has 21 strings and makes beautiful sounds, featuring a
few scales of do-re-mi-so-la (omitting fa and ti), starting on D. We
also went by the bank (cash is king), had a more or less traditional
Chinese dinner with sweet and sour chicken, sichuan chicken (somewhat
hot), broccoli, and pork and white cabbage dumplings, crushed cucumber
with salt and garlic, and jasmine tea, of course. Finally, we went
strolling near 前海 Qianhai lake and had a drink at a bar looking over
one of the three lakes nearby the Lama temple.

Fun fact: Coca Cola is named (not just called) something like 可口可乐
kekou kele, which means "tastes nice and makes you happy" directly

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