Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 7 - Thursday - That's one of three weeks!

We went to a Shinto shrine (as opposed to a Buddhist temple) in Nikko today, not far from the hotel. We had some trouble finding it by car. It would have been a lot easier by foot - just follow the main road, walk over a picturesque red bridge, through a gate and up some mossy steps. Thousands of other visitors didn't seem to have had the same problem, though. The place was beautiful, but very crowded. Next time, we'll visit a deserted place. Here's the hotel's website

Afterwards, we followed the road up the mountains to a waterfall. Here it is. You park your car (or bus), take the elevator 300 feet down, and marvel at the gaze. Then you go back up. We tried to find a hot spring nearby, but since we have no idea what a hot spring actually looks like, or if it's even overground, we utterly failed at our mission. We did find a post office, though. I said I wanted ten stamps, but when I changed my mind, and wanted 10 stamps with pictures on them, the lady had already prepared my ten regular (and sort of boring) stamps,and seemed to have a hard time telling me that it was too late for me to change my mind. So I just bought 20 stamps. This obviously made her happy, or ashamed, or maybe a little of both, because she quickly decided to give me two gifts - a pack of paper tissues and a towel! On the way back down from the mountain to the valley (?), we came across a monkey family.

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