Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 10 - Sunday - Kyoto, finally

We decided to leave Kazawa, no, Kanazaga, no, Kanazawa! but quickly changed our minds and stayed for a few more hours. After all, we needed cash before entering the expressway, and we owed the city a second (or first, actually) look. We went to see the Kenrokuen Garden, which was beautiful. And then, we blew that joint and headed for Kyoto. A two hour drive (according to Anders) became a five hour drive (because of heavy traffic from half-way there on out). We called early on (well, as early as possible, considering our excellent organizational skills) to let the hotel know we'd be there on time, but they were very welcoming although we were three hours late. They even gave us a 50% discount on bicycle rental, and two special pairs of slippers labeled FOREIGNERS. We've got LAN in our room and a place in their parking lot - all for 8000 yen per night. Maybe Japan isn't that expensive after all when you think about it. The service is GREAT anyways. We were thinking about going to a movie tonight, but since tonight is already getting late, we might just go and get something to eat!

Just in case please leave your valuable staff at reception desk.
We won't take any kind of responsibility from any kind of accident.


miss aine said...

welcame to kenroku garden.

Kung youn said...

Hello Astrid and Baby!!