Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 12 - Tuesday - Flee market!

We're going to the flea market today. I wonder if we'll find something to bring back home with us?


The flea market wasn't really a flea market, but rather an antique market which had a lot of very nice fabrics, kimonos, Japanese china etc etc. This has been another hot day. After lunch we headed to a temple north of the city center, Kiyomizu-dera to see the Tainai-meguri. Entering the Tainai-merguri, you are entering "the womb" of Daisuigu Bosatsu who has the power to grant any human wishes. Inside, you turn a large sphere shaped stone clockwise while making your wish. We both turned it counter clockwise, so we'll see what happens...

Anders got himself a new pair of glasses - they're sold as a set including frames, lenses, and a box, adjusted and fitted within the hour at the ├ćon mall near Kyoto station. And a bargain, too!

After buying a woodblock print by Kiyoharu Yamada at a gallery in a huge roofed street mall downtown, and enjoying some tea and cookies over a chat with the artist, we enjoyed a great Italian meal in a narrow alley near the river.

Tomorrow, we'll leave Kyoto. We don't know where we're going, but Kobe is a safe bet. Or Osaka. Or both. They seem to run together on the map. We might sleep in the city, or head for another island. Somebody is ready for another beach before we head for Nagoya, Fuji, and Tokyo again...


miss aine said...

Are you enjoyed free market?
What's find?

Skybert said...

The flea market was great, but we did not stay there for very long. The atmosphere was very good, and there is a temple at the site. The temple is named Toji, and is south-west of Kyoto station.