Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 - Wednesday - Discovering an Onsen

We nearly overslept this morning, but in 2 hours we'd showered, packed, washed and semi-dried a load of clothes, had breakfast and picked up our rental car with a bilingual GPS. The car also has a little device which says something in Japanese every time there's construction work and when it's time to pay toll, which costs a fortune by any standard (about 5000 yen for the two-hour ride from Tokyo to Nikko). We took a warm bath at a nearby onsen - a building with four small pools - two for each sex, one inside and one outside - and a lot of different kinds of shampoo and conditioner. They also had a small eatery, which served great food.It was right here.

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Kung youn said...

you've rent a car in Japan!
Be careful about tickets. I read the mail you sent me, I think the speed rule is too strict.